Modern web shops which are synchronizing with other programs, informational systems for transparency and data processing, mobile applications of various functionalities are just some of the solutions we have made.

Software solutions by business measure

In order to software solution has its purpose, it should solve some kind of “problem”. In most cases, software solutions reduce time needed to perform some manual operations, or to store/manage data.

Difference between the solution and good solution is significant. We devote time and special attention into making a good solution for our clients’ needs – just as it does for them in fast and optimal way!


PLANING is an indispensable starting point in the process of developing a software solution. Every minute of time invested in solution planning will make it much better and more functional.


DOCUMENTATION DESIGN doesn’t have to be as gloomy process as it looks like at first glance! With a clearly defined structure of data that is collected, the way they are processed and stored, from where they have access and other significant information for program functionality – this process is already halfway to realization.


REALIZATION is accessed after documentation approval. We strive to provide our clients an optimal and functional solution that helps them to solve the “problem” that actually caused their need for software solution.


TESTING – For delivered software solution, we provide a testing period that confirms its impeccable functionality, in accordance with previously defined documentation.


LAUNCHING comes when everything is ready. At the end of the process, when the fine adjustments was made and everything seems to work as it was planned, documented, realized and tested, the software is ready for use.


  • Imagine a web store which synchronizes information, prices, quantity in condition, photos and other data with other programs you use in your business – without your control… We make just such!
  • Be among the first in your industry to seriously devote to online sales. One of the prerequisites for doing the best is to have adequate tool – a shop that is custom made for your business.
  • Storing data securely, customers, products and orders managing, synchronization and many others functionality** can make you completely unwieldy manage your online store.

Izrada web prodavnica Novi Sad - web programiranje

Izrada informacionih sistema i softverskih rešenja


  • Information system represents a set of data organized in the way that its use contributes to the ease of doing business. A good information system enables you to base your business on it.
  • Well conceived information system with well organized data can be synchronized in various ways. The most common example of data synchronization is linking wholesale, or retail programs with web store. So, that’s right, automatic, without supervision.
  • The use of the program from only one computer is the past. Bring your information system everywhere with you, and use it from every platform/device. From the office, from home, or on the road… The most recent data is always there!


  • Mobile applications are among the top global trends of modern life. Limitless opportunities that anyone can carry in their pocket and use in every occasion, are the powerful tool for various forms of business. Expand your aspects and step into the world of new possibilities.
  • Except for entertainment, providing information, or selling, applications can also be used to control other devices. Turn on your heating, air conditioner, or other home appliance with your phone at any time.

Mobilne aplikacije izrada

Outsourcing programiranje Novi Sad


  • You are freelancer, or owner of a company that provides services similar to ours?
  • You happen to be unable to receive another project due to a lack of resources at a given moment?
  • You need help in realizing a project with a short-term?
  • You received a request to use a technology that is unknown to you?
  • You need programming, or marketing services for the client, or some specific project?

Don’t worry. Contact us, tell us what should be our part of job and we will give an estimate. In addition to the assessment, from us, you can also hear expert opinion on technology choice, methods etc.

If you want to offer programming, or marketing services as a part of yours, contact us. We are also open for cooperation of this type. Your clients, your projects, your references, your communication… and our realization.


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