Nowadays it is not enough to be just online. Today, internet is looking for modern, transparent, functional and actual and in order to achieve these requirements, it is necessary to dedicate to details…


Creating a fast, high-quality and optimized site which will be perfectly displayed on every device, and also be useful, functional and providing the results to our clients – for us, it is a real satisfaction. In order to achieve our goal, we take time and devote special attention to details that we think are important.


Planning is an indispensable point in the process of web site designing. The experience and presumption of user movement through the content is crucial for this process. Let’s set up for a moment in the role of site visitor and try to think together: what the visitor really wants from the site, how to get him to the wishing page and offer there exactly what he expects.


Documentation design does not have to be so gloomy process as it looks like at first glance! It is not a bunch of papers compressed into a dusty registry, but notes that come as a result of the planning. With a clearly defined website structure, prepared material that will be found on it and sketches on whose bases it is clearly possible to make users movements flow – this process is already halfway to realization.


Realization is coming after documentation approval. We strive to provide our customers exactly the kind of car (website) they ordered. With desired engine (platform), in desired color (design) and with all accompanying equipment (additional functionality) that will travel the route from their company to customers at the optimal speed, adapted to the traffic conditions.


TESTING – For a coupled car, we provide a test drive (website testing). We want it to be comfortable (everything is in function and works) and to make the feeling extraordinary. After the test drive, if it requires fine settings or similar interventions, we are ready to hear and provide them.


Launching follows when everything is ready. At the end of the process, when fine tuning is done and it seems that everything works just as planned, documented, realized and tested, the website is ready to bring significant feedback that can be useful for business, but also for further development!


WORDPRESS, CMS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, CSS and similar terms are the ones our clients are more or less familiar with and the ones we will not bother them with. With more than 200 projects realized in the field of web design, where we used various languages, technologies and tools, we make excellent estimates of their choice so that they meet the actual and potential needs of the projects.

  • Unique design or solutions based on premium themes
  • Selecting technologies according to project needs
  • Administrative content management panel
  • Video instructions and trainings
  • Pages optimized for web browsers
  • Fast and reliable hosting with licensed software, security certificates, etc.

Updating website is an important item to ensure its impeccable functionality and actuality. Impeccable functionality – because technologies, languages and tools are constantly improving and actuality – because visitors and browsers expect from the website to be periodically updating with interesting content.

The website updating service is basically divided into two segments, where the first one relates to content and the other one to design and functionality:

1. Creating, processing, or content supplementing

Content is the essence of website, because it is exactly what visitors expect. Visiting a site must be justified, whether it is news, business information, or entertainment.

2. Updating, customizing, or creating new functionality

Update website service is formed in three ways::

  • Periodically, on daily, weekly, monthly, or some other level with dynamic which is matching our customers
  • According to specific task
  • Per “sprint”, or unit of time which client leases for this purpose.

Today, trends are changing very fast, both in everyday life and on the internet.

The expansion of smartphones also accelerated development of form, style, programming languages, tools, but also the habits that visitors had before appearance of these devices. On the sensitive touch screens, which are in portrait orientation, the way of designing site, formatting text and moving through the pages is completely different from the “traditional” screens (desktop and laptop).

Customizing the website to current trends is an obligation imposed on every internet story that wants to survive in the race with those who have accepted and adopted this obligation. The speed at which the visitor acquires that the website is neglected is equal to the speed when visitor make a decision not to visit it anymore. Instead, if another site offers better functional solution, the user is already halfway to make a decision to show his trust.

Our expert team has many years of experience in understanding and implementing these trends. For our clients’ needs, who want more from their website, we start the process by analyzing the current state and applying these trends to the new solution.


Content supply and refreshing
Website structure and user experience
Review on mobile devices
Connection with social medias and other sites

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